Established in 2020, Turkish Pantry's founders are a few of the UK’s leading artisan producers of specialist Mediterranean foods, which include a range of authentic deli food, confectionery and mezes. Turkish Pantry combines a heritage steeped in Mediterranean traditions and authentic recipes, with a strong focus on using only the finest ingredients and a commitment to product innovation. We are committed to producing the finest quality products. Turkish Pantry has bespoke production lines and, combined with our unique recipes, this ensures our products are authentic and flavorsome. Operating from several sites in London, our well-equipped manufacturing facilities operate to the highest safety standards and are constantly audited by BRC, IFS and third parties.

As Turkish Pantry is our flagship that distils the essence of our philosophy around food, and life itself. Cities were built around marketplaces and the table is the heart of the home. With Turkish Pantry, we are creating a world we believe in, a place where the positive energies of Turkish-Greek- Armenian-Levantine food and hospitality converge under one roof.

Our farm-to-table seasonal produce is harvested in Turkey and Greece, including from our orchard, and our unwavering support of natural, artisanal food has deep personal roots.

Building on this principle of quality, we count today 300 artisanal products from over 50 producers. Our product portfolio grows by 10% a month, patiently, as a result of extensive scouting for new suppliers and R&D of food technologies.

We believe that Turkish Pantry will become a global name in Mediterranean food and Levantine cuisine culture on the strength of its hand-picked premium content, strong aesthetics and commitment to nurturing and promoting small and honest local producers.

Last but not least, we believe in sustainability in food and packaging. With this in mind we use biodegradable packaging materials where possible. We are supporting local producers here in London and the wider UK to minimise carbon footprint.