25 g

Organic Rosemary by Hatton Hill Organic. Organically grown, harvested and dried in Morocco. Packed in the UK.

Rosemary is native to the Mediterranean region, where it has been a culinary ingredient since at least the time of the ancient Romans. Its unmistakably fresh, herbaceous, piney leaves impart a delightful aroma and flavour to any dish in which it is used.

PURE, PREMIUM PRODUCT: Hatton Hill Organic’s rosemary is organically grown in Morocco before being harvested, naturally dried and packed fresh for delivery to you.

USES: Rosemary is such a fresh, appealingly pungent herb that it’s a delightful addition to a wide range of savoury dishes, as well as baked goods such as bread and crackers. Use it alone or in combination with other herbs (thyme is a classic pairing, garlic another) to add a delightful complexity to all kinds of soups, stews, meats and fish (especially oily fish like mackerel), and vegetables such as mushrooms, onions, peas, potatoes and spinach. It also peps up grains such as rice and couscous.

INDISPENSABLE INGREDIENT: In addition to being an indispensable ingredient in any kitchen, rosemary is a good source of vitamin A, vitamins B6 and B9, vitamin C, calcium, copper, iron, manganese, magnesium, potassium and dietary fibre.

Vegetarian ✓ Vegan ✓ Organic ✓

Certified as organic by the UK’s Soil Association (licence no. DA22427) and by the European Union.

Allergen information: Packed on premises that handle nuts, seeds, cereals, soya and products containing gluten.