50 g

Isot Chilli Flakes by Hatton Hill Natural. Made from chillis grown, harvested and dried in Turkey. Packed in the UK.

Isot chili, also known as Urfa chili or Urfa pepper after the region in Turkey from which it originates, begins life as a sweet red pepper that’s mildly hot. It’s a true gourmet choice among chilis – smoky, sour and sweet all at once, with flavour notes often likened to chocolate, raisin and coffee.

PURE, PREMIUM PRODUCT: Hatton Hill Natural’s Isot chili is grown in its home region of Urfa, in the southeast of Turkey . It’s partly dried in the sun before being wrapped at night to sweat and preserve the natural oils on its skin, crushed and packed with salt.

USES: Isot chili is traditionally used to season lamb or sautéed with tomatoes and eggplant, but it can be used in practically any dish when you want to add a sophisticated smoky heat that’s mild enough to enhance but not overpower other flavours. Try sprinkling it on vegetables when cooking, adding it to other herbs and spices to make a deliciously mild-hot, memorable rub or marinade for grilled and barbecued meats, throwing a spoonful of it into casseroles and braising liquids for slow cooking, adding it to egg dishes, yoghurt and other dressings and dips, and even using it in brownies, sweets, and chocolate to give them an extra smoky kick.

TURKISH DELIGHT: Isot chili flakes are not only uniquely flavoursome, but they’re also rich in vitamins A and C, and are a good source of iron, potassium, and B-complex vitamins.

Vegetarian ✓ Vegan ✓

Allergen information: Packed on premises that handle nuts, seeds, cereals, soya and products containing gluten.